SOLTEC srl was founded as an activity aimed at the development and implementation of technologies in movement of vehicles, distinguishing right from the start in the local area for the innovative features and the originality of his work.

Its production is stronger than decades of operation, has achieved a distinct quality in different types of products:

• analysis and feasibility studies of ideas and technological solutions in the field of mechanical and electromechanical design
and development of prototypes and industrial and commercial
• equipment, maintenance, repairs and servicing of new and used vehicles;
• marketing of spare parts and accessories of vehicles in general;
• construction and maintenance of bins, skips and containers;
• construction and repair of Basket lifts, aerial work platforms and elevators for the building;
• production and maintenance of machinery self-propelled;
• implementation and maintenance of a wide range of products for the ecology;
• management review service vehicles up to 3.5 tons and above;
• digital tachograph calibration and testing.

SOLTEC is an acronym for "technological solutions", and it is with this name that the company wants to convey his motto, which is to consider "innovation that allows the eye to look to the future", anticipating the needs of the market in which it operates, designing and building machines for lifting objects, people and more.
The reliability, safety and reliability with which it operates has made quality a company recognized throughout the national territory. The specificity and the high level of customization of the products are guaranteed by a highly qualified and constantly trained, able to have an attention to detail, such as to obtain an optimal solution for each individual customer.
In addition, a technical department consists of mechanical engineers systematically develops, with the help of specific programs, detailed drawings in order to better achieve each product and develop new ideas and prototypes. The SOLTEC work in a logistic position of strategic importance both for local businesses and for the other nations. Equipped with a large yard for valet parking of vehicles and to ensure the same maneuvers with respect to safety and the environment.